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Despite NCAA Tournament Upset, Missouri Season A Success

Despite flaming out in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Missouri Tigers had a very successful season under first-year head coach Frank Haith according to his athletics director Mike Alden.

"People always talk about the body of work, and it's truly accurate," Alden said. "You have to analyze an entire season, not just one game."

The loss to Norfolk State hurts and puts a damper on a 30-5 season and a Big 12 Conference Tournament title but given the circumstances in Frank Haith replacing Mike Anderson and the distraction of an NCAA investigation into Haith and his staff stemming from his tenure at the University of Miami. Overall you couldn't have asked for much more from these Tigers.

All of that is without mentioning that they basically got by with playing a bunch of guards surrounding Ricardo Ratliffe and very little front court depth after the preseason injury to Laurence Bowers.