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NCAA President Mark Emmert Discussed Miami Investigation In St. Louis On Friday

NCAA president discussed the investigation into the University of Miami on Friday in St. Louis that could affect Tigers coach Frank Haith.

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On Friday during a panel to discuss Missouri's move to the SEC, NCAA president Mark Emmert was on hand to discuss the current investigation into the University of Miami that involves Tigers coach Frank Haith. Haith, was the coach for the Hurricanes men's basketball team from 2004 through 2010 and was hired by Missouri before the 2011 season. The investigation revolves around three Miami players who have been held out of games due to receiving impermissible benefits. The three players have been since reinstated, but the NCAA is still investigation.

Emmert stated during the panel that the NCAA is "working on it aggressively."

They had hoped to have a ruling in the investigation by now, but, according to Emmert, the complexity of the case has slowed down the investigation.

Emmert said the NCAA hoped to make a quicker ruling, but hinted that the complexity of the case — and the amount of information that has needed to be gathered — is a reason for the drawn-out process.

"We don’t have subpoena power," Emmert said. "We have to rely on people giving us information when they’re in the mood to give it us sometimes, and that makes it challenging."

The investigation looks as if it's going to take a long time to wrap up and according to Missouri athletic director Mike Alden, Missouri has not been asked to provide information.

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