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Arkansas Razorbacks May Be Missouri Tigers New SEC Cross-Rival

The Arkansas Razorbacks will potentially play the Missouri Tigers as its future permanent cross-division SEC opponent in football, per a report. South Carolina Gamecocks president Harris Pastides stated that the Texas A&M Aggies and the Gamecocks seem to be the only potential fit as a cross-divisional rival in football. Previously, the Gamecocks would play the Razorbacks as its usual cross-divisional opponent, but things could possibly change.

"Arkansas is a long way off. Arkansas and Missouri have kind of buddied up because they are neighboring states and wanted to play each other," Pastides said. "That left the opportunity for us to think about Texas A&M, I'd love to know what the fans think."

Fayetteville to Columbia, Missouri versus is much closer than Columbia, South Carolina. Cross your fingers Tigers fans, unless you have a ton of frequent flyer miles that will allow you to fly to South Carolina on a consistent basis.

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