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NFL Draft 2012: Missouri's Dominique Hamilton Set To Make An Impact Like Other Former Tigers

The 2012 NFL Draft is begins in almost exactly one week away, and while most prospects are sweating the small stuff wondering if their names will be called during the seven-round, three-day event, former University of Missouri defensive end Dominique Hamilton isn't worrying too much.

That's because the 6-foot-5, 320 pounder, who's projected to go in the middle rounds, is confident that he will join the long list of Tiger defensive players in the NFL.

"There will come a time when people will be like, 'Do you see all these Missouri D-linemen killing it in the NFL?'" Hamilton said. "They'll start using social media and making videos of us.

"I'm waiting for that day."

Hamilton maybe right, as over at SB Nation's blog Mocking The Draft, writer Dan Kadar broke down the strengths and weaknesses of Hamilton and had some positive things to say:

Strengths: Plays with a lot of effort and has some nastiness to his game. Carries his weight extremely well for a big player. Has a frame to add more weight and possibly transition to nose tackle in the NFL, which he also did at Missouri. Great length. Does a good job of getting a hand up into passing lanes.

Weaknesses: Needs to be cognizant of how high he comes off the snap. Loses his leverage by letting linemen get underneath him. Quickness of the snap is questionable. Needs to develop secondary pass rush moves. Likely a rotational-only player. Missed part of 2010 with a broken ankle.

Come the first day of the NFL Draft, Hamilton may not have his name called, but, in the end his impact -- as many Tiger fans have seen -- could be a big one.

For mrsore on the Missouri Tigers, head over to Rock M Nation. For complete coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft, check out SB Nation's 2012 NFL Draft page and Mocking the Draft.

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