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Blaine Gabbert Reportedly Suffered Unexplained Toe Injury Through Entire 2011-12 Season

The Jacksonville Jaguars traded up in the 2011 NFL Draft to get Blaine Gabbert and it was a decision called into question as the season went on. Gene Smith made his bold move to get his quarterback of the future, and the response was subpar across the board as Gabbert struggled all season and never showed even the glimpses that most Jags fans were hoping for -- even in a rookie season. Now it's come to light that Gabbert was reportedly dealing with an unspecified toe injury for the entire season.

Gabbert played in 15 games for the Jags and completed 210 of 413 passes for a 50.8 completion percentage. He threw for 2,214 yards, 12 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He also fumbled the football five times. In short, it was a season to forget in a year where the AFC South was wide open after the collapse of the Indianapolis Colts. The Houston Texans took advantage, but the Jags were an organization that stalled at the worst possible time.

Now perhaps the Jags can move forward with a new head coach in Mike Mularkey and a healthy Gabbert under center. The team also signed Chad Henne so there will be more pressure than before to perform at a much higher level for the former Mizzou star.