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BCS Abolished? College Football Playoffs Likely Coming In 2014

While the NFL Draft dominated all talk, the NBA playoffs were announced and two NHL playoff series went to the famed Game 7, the powers-that-be in college football set up the framework to radically realign pretty much everything that you hate about the college football postseason. It's quite possible that the BCS is gone and in its place will be a four-team playoff in just three seasons, by 2014.

Berry Tramel writes, "The conference commissioners who adjourned Thursday after two days of discussion about the BCS - that's right, BCS - didn't declare a new format. Didn't actually even commit to a new format. But the commissioners did discard any eight- or 16-team playoff, and there's no going back now. No way could college football powerbrokers retain the status quo. The public outrage would be too great. Gallows would be built."

The details still have to be worked out, obviously, but the days of LSU-Alabama meeting twice while darlings like Oklahoma State or Stanford have to wait on the sidelines are gone soon enough. College football fans can finally rejoice that a much better system for determining the top team in the country will be on its way soon enough.