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Blaine Gabbert Among Highest Wonderlic Scores Of All-Time

Morris Claiborne just made major headlines for his poor Wonderlic score of 4 as word leaked out today, which likely generated the idea behind Sports Illustrated's memorable trip through Wonderlics past (never thought I'd write that). You have Frank Gore with 6 and Blaine Gabbert with 42. It's interesting to see who scores what and try to find any correlation whatsoever between on-field performance and the score itself.

Take Gabbert for example. The former Missouri star obviously struggled last season in his first year starting in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He threw 12 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and had 5 fumbles as well with just over a 50 percent completion rate. Those numbers are horrible. However, given the lack of any significant personnel around him besides Maurice Jones-Drew, it's hard to fault him already.

Perhaps this high level of intelligence gives Gene Smith and the rest of the Jags brass reason to hope in his ability to develop as a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. If not, the Wonderlic will seem as useless as, well, it likely does already.