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Actually, Missouri's Gary Pinkel Already Had A Motorcycle Wreck And Didn't Tell Everyone

From the St. Louis Today web site, courtesy of reporter Vahe Gregorian:

Pinkel, a motorcycle enthusiast, was sorry to hear of Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino's accident and left a phone message for him expressing his concern.

Petrino suffered a cracked vertebra and four cracked ribs in the accident two days ago but returned to practice in a neck brace Tuesday.

"I love riding my bike, but it is very dangerous. Remarkable focus you have to have," Pinkel said, adding, "I went down once myself. It's not real good to do."

Pinkel declined to describe his own fall, smiling and saying, "I survived."

"No big deal, really. It was more of a personal moment. I laid her down on a rough run, fought the road and walked away as the more complete man, a little more connected to the journey," Pinkel added, instantly growing Sam Elliot's moustache.

We'll just leave this here, perhaps to illustrate the contrast of one man electing to publicize the exploits of his masculine glory, versus another's more internal journey.


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