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New Mizzou Football Jerseys Reflect New Era For Tigers

Mizzou's defection to the Southeastern Conference was far from pretty. But the new Mizzou football jerseys? Those are quite pretty. The school unveiled three uniform combinations at a fashion show last week. Gone is the iconic block 'M' on the helmet, replaced with the Tiger logo. There also is an alternate helmet with a larger logo. Was the switch good for Mizzou?

Every time a new Nike Pro Combat jersey comes out, we hear, "But the kids love it. It will attract recruits." I think Mizzou's new uniforms are a good combination of simplicity with some flair that all will enjoy (PHOTOS HERE). Gone is the white piping that Nike has seemed to phase out of its jerseys. The black home jersey is all black with a little gold under the shoulders. The white road jersey has black shoulders, something Nike seems to be bringing out with recent changes to Michigan State's and Arkansas' jerseys.

Mizzou also has an alternate gold uniform, presumably to be used in high-profile games. This uniform has a black helmet with a large gold Tiger logo sans the circle outline. The new helmet might be the coolest part of the whole thing. While some schools go a little crazy with different helmets, this helmet still follows a basic design with a little twist. All the uniforms have black pants with some gold scratches, as part of the Tiger theme.

The graphic numbers have changed on the uniform, and to me, it looks a lot like West Virginia. That was the first thing that popped in my head, but I'm a weird jersey guy like that.

Mizzou is moving into a new era for its football program, and this uniform change reflects Mizzou's changes. How well the team performs in these jerseys in the SEC, well, that's another story.

Here was the fashion show Mizzou put on a few weeks ago. What do you think of the uniforms?

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