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SEC-Big 12 Partnership Establishes 'Landmark Agreement' For College Football

Now that the Big 12 and SEC have formed their own agreement to have the winners of each conference face each other in the event they're left out of the BCS, other conferences are bound to make the same move. For now, Chuck Neinas, the acting commissioner of the Big 12, believes it's a landmark agreement and points to the moves it will make throughout college football.

"Our goal is to provide the fans across the country with a New Year’s Day prime-time tradition," commented Neinas. "This is a landmark agreement between two of the most successful football conferences during the BCS era to stage a post-season event. The creation of this game featuring the champions of the Big 12 and SEC will have tremendous resonance in college football."

Neinas is right that other conferences will scramble to form their own deals if they have not already. The power is being placed in the hands of the conferences at this point, who want to control their own fate.