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Former Mizzou Basketball Assistant Coach Joins Marquette 2 Months After Leaving For Illinois

It's a game of musical chairs for Isaac Chew's career, and the former Missouri basketball assistant coach is making Charlie Weis look like a model of stability. One year after joining Frank Haith in his first year, Chew has now moved on to not just the next step but the one after that. Let's let Jeff Goodman explain:

Just a year ago, Haith went on record by praising the addition of Chew to the team's coaching staff.

"This is just an outstanding fit for our program," Haith said. "First of all, I have great respect for the work Isaac has put in to rise up the coaching ranks. He is a tireless worker and his players always come first to him. He is well-respected across the state of Missouri and bottom line, he is a winner. Whether at Indian Hills or at Murray State, his teams won and won big and he was a big part of that success."

It's typical for a coach to move on for a better career opportunity, of course, but Chew's moves are quite rare and interesting. Chew had worked with Marcus Denmon and other Mizzou players during their AAU days before coming to Mizzou in the first place.

Chew joins Buzz Williams' staff at Marquette, the Golden Eagles' head coach now in his fourth season.