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Jerry Sloan Removes Himself From Charlotte Bobcats Coaching Consideration

The Charlotte Bobcats finally had their finalists whittled down to three. Jerry Sloan helped them pare it down even more. The former head coach of the Utah Jazz took himself out of consideration for the running of being the next head coach of the Bobcats, leaving only Quin Snyder and Brian Shaw as the final two candidates for the job.

"I took myself out today," Sloan said. "I don't want to comment on it because it's never profitable for anybody. It just makes it sound like you're making a statement about someone. But they were wonderful and there were no problems. I just took myself out."

Snyder is the former head coach of the Missouri Tigers who went on to coach in Austin for another three season in the NBDL. He's coached for the last year next to Mike Brown with the Los Angeles Lakers. Brian Shaw is a Lakers alum as well.

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