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Mike Leach Says Any College Football Playoff Without 16 Teams Is 'Not Adequate'

The college football postseason is undoubtedly going to undergo major changes in the future in its core structure, and right now the debate continues as to what that will entail. Power conferences like the SEC and Big 12 are advocating a four-team playoff system while others are holding out for something different. The debate will get hotter as the season approaches this fall, but Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman had an interesting conversation with Mike Leach about the need fo ra much bigger field.

"Anything short of 16 teams is not adequate," the former Texas Tech coach told Bohls. "I do like that we're on the threshold of a playoff, which is a step in the right direction. If we have good results, I think they would expand it. But I think putting together a selection committee would be very challenging."

Having so many teams would extend the season that much more for those teams and that becomes problematic in and off itself. In short, there are no easy answers here for a system that's obviously broken without a real fix. It will be interesting to see who wields the most power in the end and just how much they're given.