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VIDEO: NCAA Football '13 Released Today, SB Nation Checks It Out

Yeah, we know about the helmets, fight songs and rivalries already. Someone else can also tell you about the latest "all-time greats" added to the game. But SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Spencer Hall get to the heart of the game (pom girls and mascot games) in our video breakdown on the day of release for NCAA Football '13.

While legions of people have already lined up to buy the game, you might be on the fence. You shouldn't be. Robert Griffin III with the Indiana Hoosiers? Check. Kangaroos vs. Spacemen? Yep. New passing game controls? Er, I think that's in there. I was just more amused and interested in where Spencer and Dan take all of this. Check out the SB Nation studios breakdown below.

For more information on the release of NCAA Football '13, SB Nation has all the reviews and info you need in their Storystream found here.