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Missouri Offensive Lineman Jack Meiners Benches Over A Quarter Ton

Five hundred and five pounds. It felt better to write it all out with letters instead of 505 just to give it more weight, pardon the pun. That's how many pounds Missouri offensive lineman Jack Meiners reportedly lifted today for a new Mizzou school record -- at least according to Marcus Lucas, wide receiver, on Twitter on Monday morning.

That's a baffling accomplishment to lift that much for anyone and it certainly shows why they call him Big Jack. Hopefully someone will send around a video or even a photo of the lift just to add to the occasion, but for now Meiners will enjoy a Paul Bunyan-esque reputation.

Meiners started seven games at guard last year for the Tigers and the senior should be a starter all season for Gary Pinkel's team in their first year in the SEC. If he can display that kind of strength against such competition, he'll have no problem getting noticed. Then again, he's already got that covered.