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SEC Media Days: 818 Credentials Given Out For Conference's Biggest Blitz

There's no bigger week of the year in terms of media coverage for the SEC than the SEC Media Days currently being held in Birmingham, Alabama. It's a media blitz where hundreds of reporters come from all over the region and country to profile the upcoming college football season while head coaches and players are paraded around in rotations.

The SEC commissioner Mike Slive will also give an address in the middle of the day today, so expect some news and questions about the college football postseason. That should be the hot topic of the day in 2012.

In a recent interview, Tammy Wilson, the coordinator of SEC Medais Days, spoke about how large the event has gotten and says the event has doubled since 2004.

Wilson said, "The registered number of media is currently at 818. The total number of credentials is at 1115. This number includes bowl representatives, corporate sponsors, school personnel and event staff. The total number will increase by time we open for business on Tuesday morning."

The media blitz starts up today at 12pm CT, so prepare for the onslaught Mizzou fans. This is the biggest conference in the country.

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