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SEC Media Days: Gary Pinkel Talks About Faurot Field, Mizzou Fans

Gary Pinkel took to the podium yesterday for his first SEC Media Days blitz ever and that meant he was asked several "introductory" questions from reporters wanting to know what it will be like to cover the Missouri Tigers football team and program. One such question went to the subject of playing in Columbia and what Faurot Field and the fans are like. Pinkel had nothing but great things to say, of course.

"We call our place 'The Zou.' It's a great place to play college football," said Pinkel. "First two games, Southeast Louisiana will be at night, but obviously the Georgia game will be also. That's kind of a whole new dimension I think in terms of playing in our stadium. Our fans, to say that they are excited about us being in the SEC would be a complete understatement. They've become fanatical about it. It's exciting to see. I think that says so much for the great respect nationally that the SEC has."

"But our fans are excited about it," he continued. "We're going to play some great teams that come in there. In this league you have to play well every week, you got to finish games, you have to win games in the fourth quarter. We understand that. We're excited about playing on the road. I've always enjoyed that part of college football. We're excited about teams coming in and having them play us in The Zou."

Georgia is up first in the SEC in week two in a game that will be played on ESPN2. The College GameDay crew was reportedly going to be there, but now it appears they're headed to Texas A&M's first game instead against Florida. Either way, it will be an exciting event.

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