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Aldon Smith Stabbing: Detectives Looking For Witnesses

Police detectives are looking for witnesses in their investigation of the shootings and stabbing that took place during a weekend party in which former Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith was injured.

Smith's injuries don't appear to be serious, but the crime committed that night certainly was. SoSanta Clara County detectives want to talk to anyone who attended the weekend party.

The folks at the party were questioned following the incident, but as is the case often with these types of incidents where so many folks seem to be connected (a house party, here), it's been rather difficult to find anyone who will admit to knowing exactly what happened.

It's unclear if Smith is even doing much to cooperate with the investigation, which is obviously still in its early stages.

Smith was a star for the Missouri Tigers for two season before going to the 49ers at the 7th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

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