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Missouri's Corn Is Excited About Joining The SEC

The Missouri Tigers will be joining the Southeast Conference this fall and they couldn't be happier. Every football fan in the state is buzzing about Mizzou hitting the big time. Heck, even the corn is excited!

Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports shared this picture on Tuesday of a cornfield in Missouri:


Pretty fun; kinda creepy. Impressive nonetheless. This is just like that movie Signs, only Joaquin Phoenix probably couldn't get a job working in a cornfield at this point.

It remains to be seen how intimidated the other schools in the SEC are as a result of a cornfield depicting a cuddly Mizzou Tiger gently cradling the conference logo, but the first corn-shot has clearly been fired in the great SEC corn-war of aught-twelve.

It was also nice of the corn-sculptor to include a portion of Texas in honor of the A&M Aggies.

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