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Oakland Raiders Might Have Diamond In The Rough With Dom Hamilton

Monday Night Football has always been an impressive vehicle in the NFL for players to be able to stand out and make a name for themselves under the primetime lights. While the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders fought for a preseason victory, positive momentum and a solid showing, the individual players involved were fighting for spots on the roster and depth chart. It's something that Dom Hamilton definitely displayed last night.

The former Mizzou defensive lineman was projected as a potential mid-to-late round selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, but unfortunately he was not taken. Instead he was signed by the Oakland Raiders and the team might have a steal on their hands if last night is any indication.

Hamilton had three tackles and a sack last night against the Cowboys in the 3-0 loss to the Cowboys, and the entire affair was an obvious defensive battle. Yet there were only two sacks for each side and Hamilton also finished second on the team in tackles. Tommy Kelly had the other sack.

Every team needs to find good defensive linemen and the Raiders might have found yet another to go along their stout defensive front.

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