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Missouri's Gary Pinkel Discusses Southeastern Louisiana

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel spoke with the media on a variety of topics on Monday, and among them was the season opening matchup against Southeastern Louisiana of the Southland Conference. Pinkel realizes the Lions do a lot of different things in all areas of the game, but he says the focus will be on Mizzou.

Here are some of his comments.

"They have good football players, they are going to do a lot of different things in their kicking game, a lot of different things in terms of that, they run a multiple offense, and they can do a lot of different things. Defensively we figure they are going to run a 30 defense, allow them to move around and do different things, so again this is more about Mizzou. I do not care who we are playing, this is about us playing our best game and that is my job to get our team to focus on playing our best game regardless of who we play."

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