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Should SEC, ACC End Relationship With Chick-Fil-A Bowl?

By now everyone is well aware of the Chick-Fil-A controversy and drama currently ensnaring every media outlet and Facebook feed known to man. Now it's extending into the sports arena with the questions of Cyd Zeigler, Jr. being raised concerning the fast food chain's sponsorship of a major bowl game. In particular, Ziegler, a columnist who focuses often on issues relating to sports and sexuality, says that some major conferences have some pressing decisions to make.

"The ACC and the SEC should end their relationship with the Bowl game, and the schools involved should withdraw from this year's Kickoff Games," writes Ziegler. "How can any institution of higher learning force an athlete to wear the name of a company that says he is a second-class citizen? It is outrageous."

Not only this, however, but Zeigler also brings media relationships into the equation alongside the NCAA and so on.

"ESPN should not broadcast the Chick-fil-A Bowl and Kickoff Games," writes Zeigler. "The network is a powerful tool in strengthening the message and impact of the athletes, companies and symbols it broadcasts to the world. It also has a long history of fighting discrimination, the latest of which is the launching of an employee ally network. Broadcasting these games, and glorifying the Chick-fil-A symbol, flies in the face of that."

It will be interesting to watch and see if all of this blows over or whether or not some sort of statement or even action is made.