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Elvis Fisher's MCL Injury Significantly Changes Missouri's Offensive Line

Missouri's introduction to SEC play was not a pretty one, as it lost 41-20 to the Georgia Bulldogs. The hype going into the game was certainly off the charts, since it was their first game in the premier conference in college football, but the hype died fairly quickly:

Chances are if you're a Missouri fan, you were nursing a hangover this morning. Figuratively or literally. Or both. You celebrated all day Saturday in preparation for the BIGGEST game in Missouri football history. At least that's what everyone wanted to call this game. OK, not everyone — but most. The buildup, the anticipation, the hype, the stakes. All of those things were bigger than ever, swelling to unprecedented heights as Missouri launched its first season in the SEC.

Not only did Missouri get beaten down by Georgia, but it suffered an awful injury when senior offensive lineman Elvis Fisher was carted off with an MCL injury. Fisher was on his sixth year of eligibility after missing 2011 with injury, and his loss could change the way the Missouri offensive line looks for the rest of the season.

After returning from his 2011 patellar tendon injury, Fisher had been suffering nagging injuries all preseason as well.

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