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Missouri's Gary Pinkel, James Franklin Ready For Revenge Against Arizona State

The Missouri Tigers' SEC debut didn't exactly go as hoped, but that can be quickly erased with an upset over the Arizona State Sun Devils. And it would give the Tigers a measure of revenge to boot.

Arizona State beat Missouri 37-30 last season. Missouri quarterback James Franklin said the team remembers the loss.

"Oh definitely, yes sir," Franklin said at a Monday press conference. "And that is one thing too, I don't think, I guess some people think of it as revenge, but we kind of take it as another game, definitely want to come back strong, especially after a tough loss this last week and we are going to go out there and execute and get a win."

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel knows not to overlook the Sun Devils, who are favored by 10 points.

"Arizona State is a really good football team," Pinkel said. "They started out great and they're playing really well. It's a new coaching staff and it's a whole new attitude there and generally if you get a couple wins under your belt, there's a whole new confidence level that goes with that too. They're playing exceptionally well, they're playing good defense."

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