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Elvis Fisher Injury: Missouri OL Discusses His Latest Setback

Missouri senior left tackle Elvis Fisher is out indefinitely after injuring his left knee Saturday against Georgia. Fisher will not need surgery for the strained MCL, a good sign that he has a chance at returning this season.

Fisher had been working hard to recover from a previous knee injury and the tackle was relieved to find out it wasn't as serious as originally feared.

"I was just kind of like, no not again. But I knew it wasn't as bad as my other one because that one was a little more painful than this, but it was still pretty painful going over to the sideline. I was hoping it wasn't nothing too serious, went in there, it is serious, but it's not as serious as I thought it was, so I'm thankful for that. Just kind of like oh man I'm hoping I'm not out for the season. So I'm doing rehab three times a day just like I used to be doing, I got to get back out there as soon as I can."

The senior tackle stayed on the sidelines in the second half and helped coach up the suddenly-thin offensive line for the Tigers. Fisher says he was encouraged by what he saw on the field from the offensive line after his injury.

"Yea, I mean we did pretty good. We had a little communication errors, a little bit of just technique errors, things like that, but we knew we were going to play against a good team, a tough defense going into the game. So we knew it was going to be a battle, but I thought we played hard, I don't think the score represented how hard we fought, I think it kind of got out of hand there at the end, but you win some you lose some, we watched film, we learned from and you move on to this week's game."

The Missouri Tigers will face Arizona State on Saturday.

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