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Missouri vs. UCF: Tigers can be happy with narrow victory

The Missouri Tigers can be happy with their narrow victory over UCF on Saturday.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Missouri moved to 3-2 with a 21-16 victory over UFC on Saturday. It wasn't a blowout, and it wasn't the most confidence-inspiring win they could ask for. In the end, though, both sides of the ball made adjustments and held fast near the end to seal the win, and that fulfills the quota for "happy fan," even if it doesn't for "totally satisfied and elated fan."

SB Nation's Rock M Nation was mostly satisfied with the narrow victory, and listed two things they definitely know about the team after five games and two things they definitely don't know. One of the things they do know: the defense has elite potential.

This defense has elite potential. Good at every level? Check. Play maker at every level? Check. Quality depth? Check (mostly). UCF is a tough road draw after a tough conference road game, and O'Leary kept the defense off balance with misdirection, unbalanced lines and--to be honest--solid blocking at the point of attack for the better part of two quarters.

Under the unknowns, however, they mentioned that the defense cannot afford an injury to defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. He's a great pass rusher and Missouri is severely lacking in that area. In regards to what they do know, they focused on the explosive playmakers on offense, but marked the offense a whole as a general question mark, from the offensive line to the rest of the skill positions.