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Tulane Vs. Tulsa 2012: Final Score And Game Recap

In a game that will be remembered for a violent injury, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane beat the Tulane Green Wave handily by a 45-10 score.

In the final play of the first half, Tulane safety Devon Walker attempted to tackle a Tulsa player before inadvertently colliding with his own teammate instead. The force of the blow broke Walker's neck and the safety stopped breathing on the field. CPR resuscitated Walker, but he suffered a collapsed lung and required a tracheotomy.

Prior to the injury, the game was already well in control of the Golden Hurricane as they cruised to a 35-3 lead at halftime. Running back Alex Singleton ran in three first-half touchdowns and finished the game with 102 yards rushing on 14 carries.

Tulsa found similar success through the air as Cody Green threw two first-half touchdowns and finished the game 16-for-26 passing for 274 yards.

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