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New Thunder signing Walker Russell brings 'old school point guard' to OKC

Thunder sign veteran point guard from Pistons

Elsa - Getty Images

The Oklahoma City announced Monday the signing of veteran point guard Walker Russell, reports The Oklahoman. The 29-year-old from Jacksonville State comes to Oklahoma City from the Detroit Pistons, where last year he averaged 3.0 points and 2.1 assists per game. He said at the team's media day on Monday he's grateful for the opportunity:

"It's been a blessing. Coming from Detroit to here has been a total 360. I'm just looking forward to an opportunity."

He also talked about what might've been appealing about his skill set to the Thunder:

"(I'm an) Old-School point guard. The point-guard position now in the NBA is a little different, it's more of a scoring (position). Last year in Detroit. I think I opened up a few people's eyes in seeing I could run the team and hold the fort down while the starters were getting some rest."

Russell will be one of a handful of guards the Thunder bring to camp:

"I'm here to show what I can showcase and hope to help the Thunder."