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NBA 2K13 made me think Kevin Durant should play more power forward this year

On my NBA 2K13 video game franchise, every time I play against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant is starting at power forward and torches my squad to no end. Should Scott Brooks do this more in real life?


NBA 2K13 has been known to ruin study sessions, end promising relations and kill productivity of many worker bees. I acquired the video game about a month ago, and in the last two weeks I was finally able to invest some time in playing the world's most popular video game. In 2K13's "MyCareer" mode, I created myself in how I truly envision myself. A 6'8" (I'm 6'1"), 240 pound (I'm more like 270) tweener forward with a deft shooting touch (100% accurate) and a mean streak on the boards (100% inaccurate). I'm pretty much the next LeBron James in video game land.

After I created my player, I went into the 2012 NBA Draft. For some odd reason, the Philadelphia 76ers decided to draft me with their 15th pick after I explicitly told them that I don't want to play for their franchise. (Like, you can literally tell teams that interview you pre-draft that you don't want to play for them. I felt like Eric Gordon did when he told the New Orleans Hornets he didn't want to play for them, and then they inexplicably game him a max deal anyway.)

After a few games, I started to regain my greatness on the sticks. Then, the Oklahoma City Thunder rolled into town. As I began to prep myself to guard Kevin Durant at small forward, I notice that the starting lineup for OKC has Durant starting at power forward. Along with that change, Serge Ibaka started at center, and Thabo Sefolosha moved down to the three while James Harden started at the two guard.

Its the lineup that I think every Oklahoma City Thunder fan believes Scott Brooks should use in their heads. Hell, its the lineup they probably play with most on said video game. Move Kendrick Perkins to the bench and put Harden in the starting lineup. The potency of that lineup is scary, and on a video game its truly unfair.

My created player fared admirably against Durant. If admirably means conceding 34 points and 9 rebounds.

Yet, seeing the lineup virtually, along with the way that the 2012 Team USA basketball squad utilized Durant, makes me believe that Durant's days as the 3 could evolve into a permanent gig at the 4 someday. Carmelo Anthony's receiving the same pressure treatment to play on the block more, LeBron has too, and especially since all three players tantalized us with phenomenal play as post men in the Olympics. While Carmelo has resisted the thought of being a power forward, its something that could help the Thunder in their short and long term goals.

In the short-term, the Thunder are thin in big men, and if Durant can chip in down low then that relieves pressure on Perkins and Ibaka to have to do it all. In the long run, it probably preserves Durant's legs and allows the Thunder to stay supremely athletic and keep their top talent on the floor, whomever it may be.

Maybe its all a dream, and I probably need to turn the damn game off. It'd probably help me get a woman or something at least.