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James Harden surprises basketball players on pick-up court

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James Harden and Tony Parker drop by a pickup basketball game to shock fans and sell phones.


Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden and San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker drop by a pickup basketball game to surprise kids and sell cellphones in this ATT-produced YouTube clip.

The video is part of ATT's #DONTMISS moments series, designed to sell the company's HTC One X cellphone, which allows you the videotape all the important moments in your life you don't want to miss -- like when All-Star NBA players drop by your local pickup games to dominate.

The reaction of the schoolyard kids when they see Harden's unmistakable beard approaching them is pretty priceless. Harden and Parker play a little one-on-one to the onlookers' delight, all while the action is being captured by the HTC One X cellphones that the neighborhood kids just happen to have, capturing the unexpected drama and whimsy of it all.

View more of these out-of-nowhere events at The Harden clip is below: