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Cole Aldrich, Kendrick Perkins help clean up OKC parks

Thunder players spend time off the court helping out in the community.


Oklahoma City Thunder big men Cole Aldrich and Kendrick Perkins played a big role off the court for the community as they joined guard Thabo Sefolosha to improve the Pitts Park Community Center in Oklahoma City.

The former Kansas center and his teammates teamed up with Sprite and Homeland to refurbish the basketball court at Pitts Park, which will keep it a great place to play for generations to come in Oklahoma City. During a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the new court, the players tested it out with kids from the surrounding neighborhood as more than 100 people from the area showed up to celebrate the $21,000 renovation project.

Since arriving in Oklahoma City, the Thunder have made a big impact on the image of Oklahoma City around the world with their success on the court. But the positive impact the team has off the court in the community with projects like thise one, is equally valuable on a local level.