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James Harden trade breakdown: Rockets, Thunder swap multiple players and NBA Draft picks

James Harden was traded in a multi-player deal Saturday night. Here's the full rundown on who was involved and what each side received.


For many NBA fans waking up on Sunday morning, there's a major shock in store found in the latest trade between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. James Harden is the obvious centerpiece in the deal, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year and a U.S. Olympian who could become an offensive juggernaut if featured on a team.

However there are several other players involved here, including some solid pieces changing hands on both sides -- from a promising former Kansas big man like Cole Aldrich to the scoring of Kevin Martin. Here's the full breakdown of the deal which is often lost when one player is the biggest focus.

Houston Rockets receive:
James Harden
Cole Aldrich
Daequan Cook
Lazar Hayward

Oklahoma City Thunder receive:
Jeremy Lamb
Kevin Martin
2013 first round draft choice (Toronto)*
2013 first round draft choice (Dallas)
2013 second round choice (Charlotte)
*The Toronto choice is top three protected in 2013-14, top two in 2015, top choice protected in 2016.