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Kevin Durant responds to James Harden trade: 'Wow'

Perhaps the greatest basketball player in the NBA lost one of his top teammates on Saturday night with the announcement that the Thunder had traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets.


The sports world was rocked on Saturday night with the announcement that Oklahoma City Thunder had finally pulled the trigger on a trade involving James Harden. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that Harden's own teammates on the Thunder also were taken back by the trade. In particular, Kevin Durant only had one word for it:

He wasn't the only one who was shocked. Teammate Eric Maynor had the exact same reaction:

Whether fan or teammate, it was clear that no one saw the Harden trade coming. The ongoing response will be interesting once everyone is back to business on Sunday or even after the weekend to process the response, break down the trade and, for teammates like Durant and Maynor, to come back to work with such a vital cog missing from the court.

The Thunder got some decent players in return, so it's not a loss per se. But it's also clear that there's only one word for the initial feeling on news that drops like this.