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James Harden trade: Houston Rockets expect 'immediate impact'

The Houston Rockets came out with a statement from team owner Leslie Alexander shortly after trading for James Harden on Saturday night. It's clear even in the careful, prepared statement to the press that the team was very excited and happy to make the deal, as they should be given Harden's impact on a game.

"We are very excited with tonight's trade," said Alexander. "While I never like having to send out quality players like Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb, this trade gives us a chance to make an immediate impact on the future of our franchise moving forward. James Harden was part of Team USA's gold medal team at the London Olympics and is one of the most skilled shooting guards in the NBA. James, along with the mix of young players we already have in place such as Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik give us a very solid group of young, talented players who will form the core of our team."

Daryl Morey, the team's general manager, also was excited in his remarks.