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Eric Maynor negotiations with Thunder tabled until next summer

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced that they will wait until next summer to deal with the long-term plans for point guard Eric Maynor.

Ronald Martinez

The Oklahoma City Thunder have apparently done enough maneuvering for now. After the execution of perhaps the biggest trade in Oklahoma City Thunder history by sending James Harden to the Houston Rockets, general manager Sam Presti is not interested in worrying about Eric Maynor's contract for now.

The point guard for the Thunder has some injury complications in his past despite his stellar on-court ability. Presti had nothing but praise for Maynor recently, but it's clear he will wait to see how Maynor's season progresses.

"We've had positive dialogue with Eric," Presti said. "He's a guy that means a lot to this ballclub. We value him. He's continually gaining more and more confidence coming back from the injury and looks fantastic."

"Whether or not we will ultimately do anything with him in terms of an extension is I don't think a reflection of his wanting to be here or our wanting to keep him in the program. I think it just may be better for us to see how things develop for the season. For him as well. I think he has to see that as well...I really do think he appreciates being with this organization, and that goes a long way here."

It's the sort of wait-and-see approach that serves Presti well. There's no reason to commit to Maynor, after all, given the presence of Reggie Jackson on the team. The Thunder enjoy depth in the backcourt, even after the Harden trade, and Maynor's presence when spelling Russell Westbrook is key for the Thunder.