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James Harden reportedly signs 5-year deal with Houston Rockets for $80 million

The Rockets got their man and now they finally paid him with the extension that he wanted all along.


James Harden and the Houston Rockets have reportedly come to an agreement on a five year deal worth $80 million, the exact maximum number for an extension that the talented guard was hoping to come to with the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Harden was traded to the Rockets by the Thunder earlier this week when it was clear a deal would not get done by the October 31st deadline.

Harden's new deal cements him as the cornerstone for a franchise in search of one for some time. The Rockets have made plays for an icon before, most notably with Dwight Howard, but now they have their man. Harden helped anchor the Thunder team that made the NBA Finals last year before losing to the Miami Heat. He was also a member of the recent U.S. national basketball team in the Summer Olympics. He won a gold medal while in London.

The deal was a foregone conclusion when the Rockets paid the price for Harden. Now it's been made official.