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DeAndre Liggins hopes to make Thunder roster as defensive stopper

DeAndre Liggins wants to make his impact felt as a shutdown defender for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

A recent addition to the Oklahoma City Thunder's training camp roster, guard DeAndre Liggins spoke in a Q&A with John Rohde of about his desire to make his mark, and the team, on the defensive end.

Here's a portion of the interview, in which the second round pick in the 2011 NBA Draft out of Kentucky explains what he thinks the Thunder like about him:

"My defense mostly. That's why I'm in the league, because of my defense. I'm trying to become an improved jumper-shooter and a better ball-handler."

Liggins played in 17 games last season for the Orlando Magic, averaging 1.9 points and 0.9 rebounds per game while getting 6.8 minutes of play a night.

In the Thunder, Liggins also sees a top-tier organization, saying, "First class. First class meaning everybody gets treated the same way, no matter if you're DeAndre Liggins, Russell (Westbrook) or Kevin Durant. Everybody gets treated the same way. Everybody's accountable. That's what I like about this organization."