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NBA Power Rankings: Thunder at No. 5 in SB Nation's latest poll

The Thunder are the fourth ranked team in the Western Conference this week behind the surprising Knicks, Spurs, Grizzlies and Clippers.

Shane Bevel

The latest NBA Power Rankings are out from SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal, and the Oklahoma City Thunder are lower than anyone likely thought they would be when the season first started. Granted, they are still in the top five, but Kevin Durant and company haven't looked like the potential champs since they traded James Harden.

Rosenthal has the Knicks, Spurs, Grizzlies and Clippers all in front of the Thunder, which makes them the fourth best team in the Western Conference. He writes:

While the defense has been fine, the offense is graaaaaadually stretching back into form. Eric Maynor and Kevin Martin are leading a productive bench unit and Serge Ibaka's enjoying more inside scoring opportunities while the stars get back in the swing of things. Sunday's win over the Cavs felt like the first instance of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Ibaka and the bench all contributing like they're expected to.

Currently the Thunder are 5-2.