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NBA power rankings 2012: Thunder ratcheting up the offense

The Oklahoma City Thunder have gotten back to their old form in Week 3 of SB Nation's power rankings.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Oklahoma City Thunder dropped a spot in the Week 3 NBA power rankings from SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal, but it's not necessarily because they did anything wrong. The New York Knicks and their 4-0 record jumped the Thunder, but Oklahoma City also reeled off four straight wins since last week to come in at No. 5.

Rosenthal writes:

While the defense has been fine, the offense is graaaaaadually stretching back into form. Eric Maynor and Kevin Martin are leading a productive bench unit and Serge Ibaka's enjoying more inside scoring opportunities while the stars get back in the swing of things.

The Thunder won by double digits in three of the past four games, and the one game in where it wasn't so easy was a sound 97-91 victory against the Chicago Bulls.

The most interesting development has indeed been Ibaka, who scored in the 20s for two of those wins.

Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have gotten into more of an groove on offense after some rusty-looking three games to begin the season, and the bench unit isn't missing James Harden as much with the consistent production from Maynor and Martin.