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2012 NBA power rankings: Thunder continue to make noise near the top

Most power polls of the NBA's movers and shakers keep Oklahoma City around the upper echelon of the league, particularly after their recent 7-1 stretch.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Oklahoma City Thunder maintained terrific position in most NBA power rankings, as a stretch of seven wins in eight games helped the squad show why they are among the best in the NBA.

SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal bestows the sixth-highest ranking in the league upon the Thunder (8-3), keeping them at the same spot they earned last time around. Rosenthal writes:

It was reassuring – of Oklahoma City's status and just of the planet's gravitational pull – to see the Thunder soundly thump the Hornets and Warriors after nearly crapping a game away in Detroit and dropping one to Memphis. Now let's see how that momentum carries them into Wednesday's matchup with the Clippers.

ESPN's Marc Stein also has the Thunder sixth, praising improved team ball movement and Kevin Durant's recent triple-double for the team's success.

NBC's ProBasketballTalk joins the crowd by ranking Oklahoma City in the sixth spot, citing outstanding pick-and-roll results.