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NBA scores: Thunder split weekend series

The Oklahoma City Thunder split their series over the weekend, but lost ground to only one team in the Northwest Division.


The Oklahoma City Thunder were given back-to-back games to contend with over the weekend, and they were able to take away a win from one of the games. On Friday, they dropped a road game to the Boston Celtics, 108-100. They followed it up with a 116-109 win over the Philadelphia 76ers at home on Saturday night. Kevin Durant was the leader for the Thunder in both games, scoring 29 points in the loss and a season-high 37 points in the win.

The win over the 76ers was enough to keep the Thunder at the top of the Northwest Division, but one of the teams below them did gain a bit of ground.

Led by two big scoring nights for Andre Iguodala, the Denver Nuggets were able to boost their record with a 102-91 win over the Golden State Warriors and a 102-84 win over the New Orleans Hornets during the weekend. The two wins moved them within two games of the top of the division.

None of the other teams in the Northwest were able to do better than matching the single game won by the Thunder over the weekend.