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Kevin Durant speaks about 'Durantula' lawsuit

Kevin Durant claims a guitarist's lawsuit over the "Durantula" nickname is meritless.


If you've called Kevin Durant "Durantula," you've likely contributed to costing 1980s guitarist Mark Durante money, at least according to a lawsuit filed against the NBA star by the musician in June. Durant thinks that's ridiculous, according to a TMZ report.

Durante claims the Oklahoma City Thunder forward has stolen the nickname for his own personal gain after the musician had already trademarked the name, but Durant maintains he has never used the moniker for his own financial gain, claiming it's the fans and media who have anointed him with the arachnid-inspired nickname.

Durant filed this response in Illinois court earlier in November and wants the case thrown out completely. The NBA player claims that since he's never -- or as TMZ writes in its own TMZ way, NEVER -- used the term financially, the case is without merit.

You may remember Durante from playing with such groups as Public Enemy, but you probably don't.