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2012 NBA power rankings: Thunder move to the summit

The Oklahoma City Thunder moved to the top of the Week 8 SB Nation NBA power rankings from the No. 2 spot.


The Oklahoma City Thunder's winning streak has reached 10 games, and after coming in at No. 2 in the SB Nation power rankings last week, Seth Rosenthal was finally forced to move them to the top spot in Week 8. Though the Thunder (19-4) have had the biggest struggles in slow-paced games, they still pulled out a 92-88 win against the New Orleans Hornets this week before dropping the Sacramento Kings, 113-93.

Writes Rosenthal:

They have their rough defensive outings -- particularly against those slow-paced teams -- but consistently produce more than enough offense to compensate.

Offense is especially easy to come by for the NBA's top-scoring team with Kevin Durant being his usual dangerous self. He has five 30-point scoring games during the 10-game winning streak and with 27.5 points per game is sneaking up on Kobe Bryant (29.5 points per game) and Carmelo Anthony (27.7) to compete for the scoring title.

Anthony's New York Knicks came in No. 2 in the power rankings, and the San Antonio Spurs, formerly the No. 1 team, sit at No. 3. The Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat round out the top-five in the power rankings.