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NBA scores: Thunder beat Kings on Friday

The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Sacramento Kings on Friday night.


Behind Kevin Durant's 31 points, the Oklahoma City Thunder dropped the Sacramento Kings on Friday for their 10th win in a row.

The Thunder didn't have a game on either Saturday or Sunday, but notable games in the NBA came from the much-criticized Los Angeles Lakers, who beat the Washington Wizards 102-96 on Friday night, and the Philadelphia 76ers 111-98 on Sunday.

Other big games in the league included Saturday's 115-93 win for the surprising Golden State Warriors out of the Western Conference against the Eastern Conference up-start Atlanta Hawks. The New York Knicks defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-102 on Saturday despite Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving scoring 41 points, and the Chicago Bulls held off the Brooklyn Nets, 83-82, at home.

The San Antonio Spurs also handled the Boston Celtics, 103-88, on Saturday in Texas.

On Sunday, the Portland Trail Blazers won their third straight thanks to a 95-94 victory against the New Orleans Hornets that came by way of a three-pointer by rookie guard Damian Lillard at the buzzer.