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Oklahoma City Thunder Are All But Assured A Playoff Spot

The Oklahoma City Thunder currently have the best record in the Western Conference and according to ESPN's John Hollinger the Thunder have a 99.6 percent chance of making the playoffs. Hollinger also breaks down the odds a bit more by predicting that the Thunder have a 42 percent chance of being the top seed in the West, 18.6 percent chance to make it to the NBA Finals and a 7.4 chance to be NBA champions.

For some reason the San Antonio Spurs have a better chance of making the NBA Finals out of the Western Conference than the Thunder at 29.6 percent and have a 15.1 percent chance to win the NBA Finals. The formula that is used projects the rest of the regular season and post season 5,000 times each night. So, the edge for the Spurs must come from the post season.

The Thunder have played the Spurs twice this season and the two teams have split those games with one more left to play. The talent for the Thunder is much younger than the Spurs and with Kevin Durant on the floor anything can happen, just look back at the 2011 playoff run last year.