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Thunder Vs. Nuggets Halftime Score: Oklahoma City Trails Denver 58-53

Russell Westbrook who left Friday's game with an ankle injury was in the starting lineup for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the ankle looks fine. Westbrook has 13 points and a monster dunk to his credit. Kevin Durant also has 20 points in the first half against the Denver Nuggets, but the Thunder trail a shorthanded Nuggets team 58-53.

The Nuggets are playing without Nene, Danilo Gallinari and Rudy Fernandez but they have made 52 percent of their shots and four players in double figures, including a surprise 11 points off the bench from Kosta Koufos to have five-point lead at the half.

The problem for the Thunder that outside of the scoring from Westbrook and Durant the rest of the team has combined for 23 points.

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