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Kevin Durant Says 51 Point Performance Is Something He Dreamed About As A Kid

Anytime a player drops 50 points, it serves notice to the rest of the league that something special is going on. Kevin Durant’s been dropping those hints the moment he stepped into the NBA. Even though the Oklahoma City Thunder have the best record in the NBA’s Western Conference, Durant is still finding new ways to raise his game, including last night’s thrilling overtime win over the Nuggets in which he scored a career high 51.

Durant said that kind of performance is worth it because of the win for the team, however he could not deny the personal gratification of such a performance.

“It feels better to get the win,” Durant said when asked about his scoring night. "The way we came back and the shots that we made in the fourth quarter feel better. However, 51 points feels cool. As a kid, it is something you dream about… People will talk about me getting 50, but Russell Westbrook carried us in overtime and it feels good to get the win.

Westbrook added 40 points in a career game of his own, and together they show just how amazing the Thunder can really be. If anything, this game showed a resiliency as well as star power that could serve notice to the rest of the NBA that the Thunder have a chance to take it all this year.