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Thunder Vs. Lakers Halftime Score: Oklahoma City Leads Lakers By Three, 46-43

Kevin Durant is doing his usually scoring thing for the Oklahoma City Thunder as he has 20 points in the first half to lead all scorers as the Thunder are leading the Los Angeles Lakers 46-43 at the half. Durant is outplaying Kobe Bryant this evening who has 10 points on only four-of-13 shooting while Durant is shooting a more efficient seven-of-12.

For both teams it is a two-man crew in the scoring department as Russell Westbrook is the only other Thunder player in double figures as he has 10 points and Pau Gasol is leading the Lakers with 13 first half points.

This game has been back and forth the entire way with the largest lead being four points for either team with the only discernible difference being that the Thunder has made two more three-pointers than the Lakers

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