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Russell Westbrook Scheduled For Appearance At 'Shoe Riot' Mall Today

The quote reads, "It's all about the swag." Others might call it stupidity.

Whatever leads people to riot for a pair of new shoes, in this case Nike Foamposite One, that's exactly what went down at Florida Mall where various NBA players are signing autographs through All-Star Weekend at the Foot Locker location there as shoe companies release new products to coincide. The secondary market on limited edition shoe releases is inflated, and apparently it's worth rioting over.

Police were called in yesterday which cancelled the entire event, one in which Paul Pierce among others were slated to appear. Perhaps the same will happen to Westbrook today. Either way, the entire thing is silly. As the Orlando Sentinel details, police were called out in riot gear and had to shut the entire affair down.

"More than 100 law-enforcement officers from the Sheriff's Office, the Orlando Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol responded to the mall and were continuing to disperse the crowd as of midnight. People continued to mill about, and some cars remained in the lot after the free-for-all as many people were hoping the sale would go on as planned.' "Florida Mall is closed," a deputy driving around the perimeter of the mall announced on a loudspeaker. 'Please leave the premises. This is an unlawful gathering. There is no shoe release tonight.'"

It's all about the swag.