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NBA Power Rankings: Bulls, Thunder Hold Serve

As the Bulls and Thunder hold steady the L.A. teams suffer a rough week.

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1- Chicago Bulls (34-9) Bulls embarrassed the Pacers to avenge a loss from earlier this season and Rose hit a game winner vs. the Bucks in the next game. If this team ends up pulling off a trade for Dwight Howard then things get really interesting in the East.

2- Oklahoma City Thunder (32-9) A loss to the Cavs is not as much of a black eye as it was last season. James Harden is proving to be the Travis Barker to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus.

3- Miami Heat (31-9) Heat went undefeated this week and now get to hear everyone talk about LeBron James being the worst player of all time when the game is on the line.

4- San Antonio Spurs (26-13) The Ninjas kept the bad team losing (Knicks) and lost one to the 3rd best team in the West (Clippers). I have to think Lob City had that game circled since they gave away the last game the two of them played.

5- Orlando Magic (27-15) Being a lover of the NBA the one side effect is blinding headaches. Those occur when teams like the Magic lose games in the manner they did to teams like the Bobcats.

6- Memphis Grizzles (24-16) Now that the Grizz are winning games I think it is the perfect time to break out the Tams jerseys again.

7- Philadelphia 76ers (25-17) Remember when the Sixers could not beat any of the elite teams? Well they still can’t.

8- Los Angeles Clippers (23-16) Not the best week for Lob City but they were able to beat the Spurs so there is that.

9- Los Angeles Lakers (25-16) Championship teams do not blow 20 point second half leads to the Wizards. Good thing they were not a championship team before the loss.

10- Denver Nuggets (23-19) The Superstar-less Nuggets are now on the climb back after hitting rock bottom. The return of Danilo Gallinari is a huge boost for this team. He is still playing himself back into game shape but when he does get there expect this team to shoot up the rankings.

Player of the Week:

Ersan Ilyasova PF Milwaukee Bucks

I have been a fan of his for a few years now and he is putting up numbers as he is heading into free agency this summer. Of course this is also the first time I don’t have him on my fantasy team. This past week he put up 25 pts and 10.75 reb, a game. How do you say "Going HAM" in Turkish?

Best Game of the Week:

Heat at Bulls (Wednesday 9:30 pm CST on ESPN):

I look forward to both teams missing free throws in the final minute of this game.

Worst Game of the Week:

Bobcats at Rockets (Wednesday 7pm CST):

Bobcats are horrible and the Rockets are without Kyle Lowry for 2-4 weeks. Only die-hard Rocket fans need to carve out time for this one. So I will be watching.